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Trade Union Involvement in the EU Semester


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National Reports

We are pleased to have exited the so called bail-out. However we are facing on-going austerity for several years and particularly for 2014. Congress believes that growth in 2014 will be 1.1% while the Irish employers are forecasting a 3% growth rate.
After several years of pay-cuts and pay freezes a certain momentum is building for pay reviews and increases. However our collective bargaining system has been dealt a body blow after the Supreme Court ruled that our system for making rates arrived at by collective bargaining universally applicable is no longer legal. This means we can have no protection against social dumping or a race to the bottom in some of our most important industries such as civil engineering and construction.

The economic crisis has resulted in catastrophic damage to out private pension provision leaving many workers without the pension they paid for and earned. These workers now face an old age of austerity. The government decision to increase to public pension age further ,faster and in an equitable fashion than any other member state will impact heavily on these workers.

Ireland has been in a troika process since 2010. We have not therefore been subjected to CSRs. Our main focus is on the strengthening of collective bargaining and the reintroduction of ergo omnes wage setting. It should be noted that while difficulties in these areas coincided with the troika process, the difficulties emanated from the Iris supreme court.